#12M Wizz Air Skopje Marathon 2016

8th May 2016 - #12M Wizz Air Skopje Marathon I had a great time so far. Traveling around, seeing places, running, meeting friends and making new ones. My trip to Skopje was not an exception, even though the marathon was a tough one. The track was not that difficult, but it was quite a struggle to… Continue reading #12M Wizz Air Skopje Marathon 2016

#11M – Madrid Rock’n’Roll Marathon

It's been quite a busy week, but I'm lucky that I wrote this whole blog post on a notepad on my flight back to Bucharest. I traveled to Madrid 6 days before the marathon. It crossed my mind it would be nice to spend a couple of days just walking around.   Madrid My timing… Continue reading #11M – Madrid Rock’n’Roll Marathon

#6 Kaleidoscope – BNF

19th Jan 2014 As I can see from the pictures it was a grey day. Cloudy sky, the rain stopped, but those clouds weren't leaving anywhere anytime soon. Rain shouldn't stop any fellow traveller or photographer from doing his "job". On the contrary. Best results can come regardless. So, most of that trip to Paris was… Continue reading #6 Kaleidoscope – BNF


Day 3. On our way to Yerevan, capital city of Armenia. The night train trip itself was such a great experience that a blog post is not enough, and it's something that my English can't express that well. Now in a group of five, we are experiencing how all the travelling should be. People from different… Continue reading BITS OF GEORGIA AND ARMENIA (PART IV)

#5 Kaleidoscope – La Défense

20th January 2014 After I visited The Louvre, and tried to catch as many good angles, I decided to finally grab a bite and go and see The La Dèfense. During that trip I think it was the first or second time when I took the metro. Even though I love walking around when I… Continue reading #5 Kaleidoscope – La Défense

Bits of Georgia and Armenia (Part III)

Day 2. If in our first day we went into the Eastern part of the city, today we decided to go in the opposite direction, in the Western part, where the Railway Station is. According to the map, there were plenty of things to see here.   Actually, if I take a look at the map… Continue reading Bits of Georgia and Armenia (Part III)

#3 Kaleidoscope – Louvre Pyramid

Towards the end of January 2014, I went on a trip to France. I was very determined to spend a lot of time taking pictures. After all, Paris is one of the most photogenic places. With the last statement I wouldn't agree as much right now but, at that time, it was quite right. Lots… Continue reading #3 Kaleidoscope – Louvre Pyramid