#5 M Millenium City Marathon Gurgaon 2015

1st November 2015 "It's already late. I'm constantly yawning, but I can't get a good sleep because I am stuck in this horrible Delhi traffic, while my stomach is noticing me he's having a bad time as well. Gurgaon. A city right next to Delhi.¬† After a full week of craziness, traffic, industry, constructions, etc.… Continue reading #5 M Millenium City Marathon Gurgaon 2015

#7 HM The Great Delhi Half Marathon

18th October 2015 "I hoped running will get easier and easier. But it's not at all as I expected. The finish time is about the same. As the number of runners grows in an event, I feel weaker. The same happened today. Half marathon in Delhi. In fact, half marathon in Dwarka. Dwarka, a neighborhood… Continue reading #7 HM The Great Delhi Half Marathon

#6 HM Dehradun Half Marathon

11th Oct 2015 "So far, every running event I've been to was different from the other. But, after 14-15 of these, a bunch of marathons and half marathons together, I thought that the differences will get blurry. I ran in the heat, in the cold, wind, heavy rain, snow, uphills, downhills, flat, trail, and, in… Continue reading #6 HM Dehradun Half Marathon

#5 HM The Ultra Half Marathon Shimla 2015

27th September 2015 "Since I am in India for a while, I decided that I should do something more constructive on my weekends, besides wasting half a day in the office on Saturdays and relaxing in the hotel on Sundays. Since my back pain is long gone and I am frequently running again, (2 marathons… Continue reading #5 HM The Ultra Half Marathon Shimla 2015