#9 HM Gerar Half Marathon 2016

31st January 2016 A warm story. Written shortly after crossing the finish line. Right after a hot shower and washing my running shoes. Today was the "Gerar" Half Marathon. The first half marathon for 2016. I heard a lot about it, a lot of publicity, on social media, but mostly while running. A smart move… Continue reading #9 HM Gerar Half Marathon 2016

#7 HM The Great Delhi Half Marathon

18th October 2015 "I hoped running will get easier and easier. But it's not at all as I expected. The finish time is about the same. As the number of runners grows in an event, I feel weaker. The same happened today. Half marathon in Delhi. In fact, half marathon in Dwarka. Dwarka, a neighborhood… Continue reading #7 HM The Great Delhi Half Marathon

#6 HM Dehradun Half Marathon

11th Oct 2015 "So far, every running event I've been to was different from the other. But, after 14-15 of these, a bunch of marathons and half marathons together, I thought that the differences will get blurry. I ran in the heat, in the cold, wind, heavy rain, snow, uphills, downhills, flat, trail, and, in… Continue reading #6 HM Dehradun Half Marathon

#5 HM The Ultra Half Marathon Shimla 2015

27th September 2015 "Since I am in India for a while, I decided that I should do something more constructive on my weekends, besides wasting half a day in the office on Saturdays and relaxing in the hotel on Sundays. Since my back pain is long gone and I am frequently running again, (2 marathons… Continue reading #5 HM The Ultra Half Marathon Shimla 2015

#11HM Bucharest OMV Petrom Half Marathon

14th May 2016 Bucharest OMV Petrom Half Marathon Since this event took place I saw a big wave of blog posts, articles, running reports, pictures, etc. on this topic. To be honest, I am happy about it. After all, this is one of the most popular running events in Romania and it's still growing. It's the… Continue reading #11HM Bucharest OMV Petrom Half Marathon

#10 HM – Intersport Half Marathon Brasov

Yesterday was a good day in Brasov. I did the same mistake again and I didn't think about checking the profile of the race until the day before. I guess that the Aiud Marathon from two weeks ago was not only a tough marathon but also a pretty good training for yesterday.   Last year,… Continue reading #10 HM – Intersport Half Marathon Brasov

#2 Half Marathon – Down on the Argeș River

After a struggled start in the field of long distance running, with a trail half-marathon followed by two marathons in Bucharest, all in a span of four months, I ended the year of 2014 with another half. This time in Pitesti, not very far, the city where I graduated high-school.   When and where I… Continue reading #2 Half Marathon – Down on the Argeș River

My first “official” long run

23km, this was the distance I ran in my first "competition", on the 23rd August 2014. Funny, I just realize it now, the match between the distance and the date. So, it has been around 2 years since I've started thinking about running more seriously, including the training for that 1st running event. 15 events… Continue reading My first “official” long run