#9 Kaleidoscope with a spin

    It was during the hot August '14. A dry day. No clouds. Just blue sky everywhere. A dreadful scenery for photographers. But what can you do about it? Sometimes you are forced to do it. You have to take some pictures that may appear dull. Perhaps you don't have the time to return… Continue reading #9 Kaleidoscope with a spin

#10 HM – Intersport Half Marathon Brasov

Yesterday was a good day in Brasov. I did the same mistake again and I didn't think about checking the profile of the race until the day before. I guess that the Aiud Marathon from two weeks ago was not only a tough marathon but also a pretty good training for yesterday.   Last year,… Continue reading #10 HM – Intersport Half Marathon Brasov

#8 Kaleidoscope of a random building

For today's Kaleidoscope, when I created it, I returned to my folders with Bucharest photography. Below i Below is the source image.     See the previous Kaleidoscopes: #1    #2   #3   #4   #5   #6   #7 Or other places where I post my stuff: Fb Page  |  500px Gallery  |  Tryingtodoart Photo Blog  |  Instagram

#8 M – Aiud Marathon

I don't know if it was just me, the inadequate shoes, lack of a trail specific training, a bad day, not enough sleep, or maybe just a horror track, but this Saturday I ran my 8th marathon, the toughest so far and, perhaps, the best landscape ever to see in a marathon.   Where Aiud,… Continue reading #8 M – Aiud Marathon

#6 Kaleidoscope – BNF

19th Jan 2014 As I can see from the pictures it was a grey day. Cloudy sky, the rain stopped, but those clouds weren't leaving anywhere anytime soon. Rain shouldn't stop any fellow traveller or photographer from doing his "job". On the contrary. Best results can come regardless. So, most of that trip to Paris was… Continue reading #6 Kaleidoscope – BNF


Day 3. On our way to Yerevan, capital city of Armenia. The night train trip itself was such a great experience that a blog post is not enough, and it's something that my English can't express that well. Now in a group of five, we are experiencing how all the travelling should be. People from different… Continue reading BITS OF GEORGIA AND ARMENIA (PART IV)

#5 Kaleidoscope – La Défense

20th January 2014 After I visited The Louvre, and tried to catch as many good angles, I decided to finally grab a bite and go and see The La Dèfense. During that trip I think it was the first or second time when I took the metro. Even though I love walking around when I… Continue reading #5 Kaleidoscope – La Défense