Pauza publicitara #2

Luna trecuta, dupa ce mi-a stat destul de mult pe creier (dar intr-un moment de neasteptata inspiratie), mi-am dat cu parerea despre doua campanii publicitare. Interesanta experienta si, daca inspiratia nu m-a lasat balta, o sa revin din cand in cand cu subiecte pe aceasi tema. Weekendul asta am iesit din casa. Nu am intrat… Continue reading Pauza publicitara #2

My point of view. The New Fotopark

Yesterday I received a newsletter announcing the new layout of Leica's photo sharing platform, Leica Fotopark.  I tried it out and here I will write about some of the changes and glitches. The background of this post is this. I didn't want to write this in the first paragraph, but I spent the last two hours… Continue reading My point of view. The New Fotopark

No Stress Triathlon Mogosoaia 2016

Finally. The rain stopped. After 2-3 weeks with daily rain, it was just the right moment to stop. Raining is not all that bad, but this Saturday I had such a hard time finishing the offroad cycling leg with that terrain just being dry. I don't want to imagine going through that same course on… Continue reading No Stress Triathlon Mogosoaia 2016

#4M DHL Marathon – The Carpathian Relay 2015

Since my running schedule is quite calm at the moment, mostly training for the IronMan, I find this a good moment to continue writing about some of the marathons I ran in 2015. Sun, clouds, rain, and repeat. This has been happening on a daily basis in the last couple of weeks which makes training… Continue reading #4M DHL Marathon – The Carpathian Relay 2015

#11HM Bucharest OMV Petrom Half Marathon

14th May 2016 Bucharest OMV Petrom Half Marathon Since this event took place I saw a big wave of blog posts, articles, running reports, pictures, etc. on this topic. To be honest, I am happy about it. After all, this is one of the most popular running events in Romania and it's still growing. It's the… Continue reading #11HM Bucharest OMV Petrom Half Marathon

#12M Wizz Air Skopje Marathon 2016

8th May 2016 - #12M Wizz Air Skopje Marathon I had a great time so far. Traveling around, seeing places, running, meeting friends and making new ones. My trip to Skopje was not an exception, even though the marathon was a tough one. The track was not that difficult, but it was quite a struggle to… Continue reading #12M Wizz Air Skopje Marathon 2016

#11M – Madrid Rock’n’Roll Marathon

It's been quite a busy week, but I'm lucky that I wrote this whole blog post on a notepad on my flight back to Bucharest. I traveled to Madrid 6 days before the marathon. It crossed my mind it would be nice to spend a couple of days just walking around.   Madrid My timing… Continue reading #11M – Madrid Rock’n’Roll Marathon

#10M – Chișinău International Marathon

After a rainy first day, I wasn't expecting all that heat on the marathon day.   It was quite sunny the day before when I waited for 30-40 minutes in line to pick up the race kit, but some clouds were there as well. For the organizing team, that right there  was a small mistake.… Continue reading #10M – Chișinău International Marathon

#9 M – Cluj Napoca AROBS International Marathon

Uuu...look at that. A hexagon medal. I can still feel the leg pain. And the two toenails that are about to fall. This Sunday was awesome.   I keep on saying it, and I do mean it. I love Cluj. Every time there's an opportunity to visit, I do my best not to miss it. But,… Continue reading #9 M – Cluj Napoca AROBS International Marathon