Pauza publicitara #2

Luna trecuta, dupa ce mi-a stat destul de mult pe creier (dar intr-un moment de neasteptata inspiratie), mi-am dat cu parerea despre doua campanii publicitare. Interesanta experienta si, daca inspiratia nu m-a lasat balta, o sa revin din cand in cand cu subiecte pe aceasi tema. Weekendul asta am iesit din casa. Nu am intrat… Continue reading Pauza publicitara #2

#9 HM Gerar Half Marathon 2016

31st January 2016 A warm story. Written shortly after crossing the finish line. Right after a hot shower and washing my running shoes. Today was the "Gerar" Half Marathon. The first half marathon for 2016. I heard a lot about it, a lot of publicity, on social media, but mostly while running. A smart move… Continue reading #9 HM Gerar Half Marathon 2016

#11HM Bucharest OMV Petrom Half Marathon

14th May 2016 Bucharest OMV Petrom Half Marathon Since this event took place I saw a big wave of blog posts, articles, running reports, pictures, etc. on this topic. To be honest, I am happy about it. After all, this is one of the most popular running events in Romania and it's still growing. It's the… Continue reading #11HM Bucharest OMV Petrom Half Marathon

#9 Kaleidoscope with a spin

    It was during the hot August '14. A dry day. No clouds. Just blue sky everywhere. A dreadful scenery for photographers. But what can you do about it? Sometimes you are forced to do it. You have to take some pictures that may appear dull. Perhaps you don't have the time to return… Continue reading #9 Kaleidoscope with a spin

#8 Kaleidoscope of a random building

For today's Kaleidoscope, when I created it, I returned to my folders with Bucharest photography. Below i Below is the source image.     See the previous Kaleidoscopes: #1    #2   #3   #4   #5   #6   #7 Or other places where I post my stuff: Fb Page  |  500px Gallery  |  Tryingtodoart Photo Blog  |  Instagram

#2 Marathon – 1st December 2014

Actually, this marathon has a much better name in Romanian, but I'm not sure how a best-suited translation should sound like. It's a winter marathon, on the same day we are celebrating Romania's National Day, when here we celebrate The Great Union, and as I was about to find out later, it's one of a whole… Continue reading #2 Marathon – 1st December 2014

Remembering my #1 marathon

5th Oct 2014 After a couple of month of running and a trail half-marathon, I decided to give it a try and double the distance. Between the 1st half-marathon and the marathon, I had only 2 months to train. Looking back, I couldn't say that it was a wise call. I already had some pain… Continue reading Remembering my #1 marathon

#1 Kaleidoscope

10th May 2014, I went to a photowalk organized by my favorite photo group in Bucharest, Bucurestiul Meu Drag ("My Dear Bucharest"). The starting point was very familiar, in the central area, just next to Victoria Square, but shortly after the surroundings started looking less and less familiar as we went further within the urban fabric. At one of the… Continue reading #1 Kaleidoscope