Day 3. On our way to Yerevan, capital city of Armenia. The night train trip itself was such a great experience that a blog post is not enough, and it's something that my English can't express that well. Now in a group of five, we are experiencing how all the travelling should be. People from different… Continue reading BITS OF GEORGIA AND ARMENIA (PART IV)

Bits of Georgia and Armenia (Part III)

Day 2. If in our first day we went into the Eastern part of the city, today we decided to go in the opposite direction, in the Western part, where the Railway Station is. According to the map, there were plenty of things to see here.   Actually, if I take a look at the map… Continue reading Bits of Georgia and Armenia (Part III)

Bits of Georgia & Armenia (Part II)

Now, after writing about how I was played by a cabbie, and some other details about food, transportation, language, etc., about Georgia now I will continue with a more subjective approach to this travel. Neither I or John had any home-made plans for the trip and throughout the trip, even if we tried to plan ahead, we… Continue reading Bits of Georgia & Armenia (Part II)

Bits of Georgia & Armenia (Part I)

2nd - 8th Feb 2016 "Tbilisi loves you" They write it in the airport and the free wi-fi network from the subway reminds you the same tagline in its title. I must agree with this tagline. Tbilisi it's a lovely and lively city, even during the winter season, and even if everybody told me that… Continue reading Bits of Georgia & Armenia (Part I)

“Hack” for cheaper flights on Skyscanner

So I guess this will be my first post on this blog. It took me a while to figure out either should I write in Romanian, in English, or in both. I guess I will figure it out along the way anyhow. Just a couple of days ago I returned from an awesome 1 week… Continue reading “Hack” for cheaper flights on Skyscanner