#9 HM Gerar Half Marathon 2016

31st January 2016 A warm story. Written shortly after crossing the finish line. Right after a hot shower and washing my running shoes. Today was the "Gerar" Half Marathon. The first half marathon for 2016. I heard a lot about it, a lot of publicity, on social media, but mostly while running. A smart move… Continue reading #9 HM Gerar Half Marathon 2016

#8 HM “Down on the Arges River” Half Marathon 2015

21st December 2015 Feels good to get back home. It's been a while since I last visited my parents. A couple of months, two seasons. Even though this visit was short, I planned it to be useful. You know what else feels good? Running in places or events you ran before. "Down on the Arges… Continue reading #8 HM “Down on the Arges River” Half Marathon 2015

#6 M 1ST DECEMBER 2015

1st December 2015.¬†Romania's National Day. Most of the people celebrate it with a huge meal, which includes sausage with bean stew, eventually after viewing the army parade. Some of us celebrate it through running. My 2nd marathon was on the same date in 2014, and it was an event I didn't want to miss, even… Continue reading #6 M 1ST DECEMBER 2015

#5 M Millenium City Marathon Gurgaon 2015

1st November 2015 "It's already late. I'm constantly yawning, but I can't get a good sleep because I am stuck in this horrible Delhi traffic, while my stomach is noticing me he's having a bad time as well. Gurgaon. A city right next to Delhi.¬† After a full week of craziness, traffic, industry, constructions, etc.… Continue reading #5 M Millenium City Marathon Gurgaon 2015

#7 HM The Great Delhi Half Marathon

18th October 2015 "I hoped running will get easier and easier. But it's not at all as I expected. The finish time is about the same. As the number of runners grows in an event, I feel weaker. The same happened today. Half marathon in Delhi. In fact, half marathon in Dwarka. Dwarka, a neighborhood… Continue reading #7 HM The Great Delhi Half Marathon

#6 HM Dehradun Half Marathon

11th Oct 2015 "So far, every running event I've been to was different from the other. But, after 14-15 of these, a bunch of marathons and half marathons together, I thought that the differences will get blurry. I ran in the heat, in the cold, wind, heavy rain, snow, uphills, downhills, flat, trail, and, in… Continue reading #6 HM Dehradun Half Marathon

#5 HM The Ultra Half Marathon Shimla 2015

27th September 2015 "Since I am in India for a while, I decided that I should do something more constructive on my weekends, besides wasting half a day in the office on Saturdays and relaxing in the hotel on Sundays. Since my back pain is long gone and I am frequently running again, (2 marathons… Continue reading #5 HM The Ultra Half Marathon Shimla 2015

No Stress Triathlon Mogosoaia 2016

Finally. The rain stopped. After 2-3 weeks with daily rain, it was just the right moment to stop. Raining is not all that bad, but this Saturday I had such a hard time finishing the offroad cycling leg with that terrain just being dry. I don't want to imagine going through that same course on… Continue reading No Stress Triathlon Mogosoaia 2016

#4M DHL Marathon – The Carpathian Relay 2015

Since my running schedule is quite calm at the moment, mostly training for the IronMan, I find this a good moment to continue writing about some of the marathons I ran in 2015. Sun, clouds, rain, and repeat. This has been happening on a daily basis in the last couple of weeks which makes training… Continue reading #4M DHL Marathon – The Carpathian Relay 2015