#6 M 1ST DECEMBER 2015

1st December 2015. Romania’s National Day.

Most of the people celebrate it with a huge meal, which includes sausage with bean stew, eventually after viewing the army parade. Some of us celebrate it through running.

My 2nd marathon was on the same date in 2014, and it was an event I didn’t want to miss, even if the weather can be harsh.

In 2014 we had negative temperatures, strong winds, snow, and ice on the ground. It was one of the toughest things I ever did, and I was ready for more in 2015. But we got lucky. The weather was far better. No clouds in the sky, no snow, no nothing, and the temperature was alright. It wasn’t the weather you would expect at the beginning of the December, but I’m pretty sure nobody was complaining about it.


The location and the course were the same. In the IOR park in Bucharest, 13th laps around the lake for the 42km.

For this post, I also managed to find a map of the course. One lap is about 3.2-3.3 km.


I try to remember it. But nothing out of the ordinary happened. Everything went smooth, and at the end, I remember we also had a traditional Romanian dish, stuffed cabbage rolls. Now, back then I was a vegetarian for a couple of months, and I think they had the vegetarian version of this dish, with rice and vegetables inside the cabbage rolls.

Yeah. I guess that’s about it. It was a perfect day for running in December. Everybody had a good time. The volunteers and organizers did an awesome job.


Besides that, I hope my memory doesn’t play any tricks on me. I took some walking breaks, and I don’t think I had any troubles finishing it, even though when I compare the times something seems to be wrong. In 2014, I completed this marathon in 4h 28min, while I had problems with my right knee, and, in 2015, I was only 4-5 minutes faster. And I didn’t have any injury to be concerned about. Who cares anyway? It’s not the time that matters the most, but the fact that you were there and managed to cross the finish line.

I hope the weather will be as good in 2016. Not that some bad weather will stop me from trying this marathon again.

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