#9 Kaleidoscope with a spin


10_Romarta Copiilor_twirl


It was during the hot August ’14. A dry day. No clouds. Just blue sky everywhere. A dreadful scenery for photographers. But what can you do about it? Sometimes you are forced to do it. You have to take some pictures that may appear dull. Perhaps you don’t have the time to return on a better day, but the good thing about buildings is that they don’t go anywhere…or they do, but just if it’s meant to be. Most of them they just get old and then collapse or are demolished. I should stop the metaphor about buildings right here.


During that day, I was out on a photo walk by myself. I’ve been asked to document a number of buildings. Shame on me. I don’t remember what the topic was, but this piece right here is a building dear to me. Not because of the style. I didn’t live there either.

This building is very close the Architecture University, where I did my studies. Seeing this building almost on a daily basis for about 6 years, it grew on me.

Since the whole kaleidoscopes project started as an attempt at creating something interesting out of not so interesting imagery, buildings with symmetries, this shot was perfect for what was about to happen.

Here is the source image.



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