#3M Telekom International Marathon Brasov ’15

Funny coincidence. Today I’m writing a post about the Telekom International Marathon in Brasov 2015, and this weekend I wrote about the Intersport Half Marathon Brasov 2016. Same city but whole different events.

Probably the “Running” section of my blog looks quite messy right now. There is no chronological order whatsoever. That’s because I started writing recently, and that may be obvious for some of you. The blog is only 2 months old, and I have about two years of running. I love going to half marathons and marathons. Even if for a lot of people, especially for those who don’t run, can’t imagine why somebody would participate at these events.

“What? I have to run 21k/42k…and pay for that as well?”.Well yeah. But the runners understand, and they do it happily. Or that’s what I imagine.

Anyway…just got off track for a sec. So, I still want to write about the bunch of marathons and half marathons I ran until everything will be in a nice chronological order. For me it’s helpful. I  can practice my writing on previous events and remember all the nice memories and some of the painful moments as well.

14th June 2015. Telekom International Marathon Brasov.

Without any doubt, Brasov is one of the best-looking cities in Romania. Doing a marathon in here it’s a perfect idea. Unless you have temperatures of around 40°C. In that case, perhaps it’s not a good idea to have a marathon at all if you don’t have any shade. Maybe it wasn’t exactly 40, but even now I remember that it was hot like hell.

I tried to find the map on their website, but as they are already prepared for the 2016 edition of the race, there was no easy way of finding the 2015 map (Btw they had changed the route for this year edition). I went looking on their facebook page and scrolled all the way down to 2015.

2015 map

In 2015, the organizers had some bad luck. They did a wonderful job with promoting the event, they had good volunteers, the start/finish area in the city old center had a good vibe, and the crowd was awesome. The downside was that because of the heat, the distance between the water points seemed to big I think some of the runners were quite irritated by this fact. But cmon…in that heat? Of course, you’ll sweat everything out very fast.

Now that I think about it, there’s more to that. The traffic was partially blocked. Passing by the traffic jams while trying to run a marathon in the heat. Not very pleasant. Maybe the organizers should do it like in Delhi, and start the marathon at 4-5 AM.


I struggled all the way to the finish line. We had to do 4 laps of 10.5 k, street track, almost flat. The last lap, I probably walked more than half. At least, I had company. Feels good when you’re not the only one suffering. The distance seems shorter when you have somebody to chat with while you walk on the burning asphalt and pray for some clouds, trees, tall buildings, or anything that could provide shade on the road.

For me, all that matters is going the distance and crossing the finish line. I’m running for the fun of it. Managed to complete it in 4:33:38.

2015-06-14 13.39.39

I think that changing the date and the route will be a plus for this year edition. of the Telekom International Marathon Brasov. 29th May 2016, better chances of having normal temperatures, and a 1 lap course, in and outside the city area. Instead of going around the city, the course heads towards Săcele but turns left to Târlungeni. On the long straight part, both on the left and right of the course are fields and far away in the background there will be mountains. (If you’re interested in finding out more about the event you can check their official website – link )


This year I have to skip it. I hope I’ll do a triathlon on that same day, but I am looking forward to reading about this year edition of the Telekom International Marathon Brasov.

To all the runners out there, have fun running.

To be continued…

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