#4 HM – Tusnad Marathon ’15

This Sunday I ran my #8 marathon. A trail marathon, with a gorgeous landscape, which reminded me of another very beautiful place where you must run in Romania. The Tusnad Marathon .

I think the edition in 2015 was the first one, but the registrations are already opened for the 2016 edition, which will be held on the 4th June.

6th June 2015

The 23km race had its start in Baile Tusnad city centre, right next to The Catholic Church, and very close to the Ciucas Lake. The track went south, through the city, then the street entered the forest, left Harghita County behind us entering in Covasna County, in Bixad there was a refreshment station, after wich we turned left and continued our run all the way to St Anna Lake, the single volcanic lake in Romania.

Happy runner

The whole area around the lake is a natural reservation so you can imagine that running in these parts of the country is awesome, especially on a weather perfect day.


Everything went smooth, no difficulties, even with the slight altitude difference, the refreshment points were located at every 4-5 km, the organizing team did an excellent job, and at the finish line, everybody was already partying, taking selfies with their medals and enjoying the view of the lake and the forest around it.

Along the way, I saw this guy with a selfie stick making a short movie about the marathon. I found him later, Radu Restivan it’s his name, and he has a nice story and among many other sports related things he is doing short movies presenting his running experiences around the world. Check the video below to see how it was on Tusnad Marathon 2015.


My  time was 2:04:24, and ranked 32nd out of 71, in the 19-39 age category, and below it’s a medal selfie.

2015-06-06 12.25.08.jpg
Cutest medal ever with the bear logo of the marathon

To be continued…


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