#7 Kaleidoscope – Sofia Market

7_Sofia Market_low

I knew that somewhere around there I had a good picture for my #7 Kaleidoscope.

Back in August 2013, I visited some dear friends in Sofia, the capital city of Bulgaria. After meeting and working with them in the US, I was eager to pay them a visit. After all, my appetite for travelling has its roots in that period.

6 days of seeing places, meeting new people, having fun with friends, taking tons of pictures, what else can you ask for from a summer trip?

The source picture for the Kaleidoscope is one I took inside an inner market. If I’m not mistaken, and I hope I’m not (otherwise Didi, one of my friends and host in Sofia, will most probably kick my ass someday) it’s The Central Market Hall (Tsentralni Hali).



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