#6 Kaleidoscope – BNF


19th Jan 2014

As I can see from the pictures it was a grey day. Cloudy sky, the rain stopped, but those clouds weren’t leaving anywhere anytime soon.

Rain shouldn’t stop any fellow traveller or photographer from doing his “job”. On the contrary. Best results can come regardless.

So, most of that trip to Paris was about architecture and photography. The new friends were a nice unexpected bonus. Among all the places I wanted to see in Paris, and they were so many, The Bibliotheque Nationale de France, designed by Dominique Perrault, was one of my personal priorities since in architecture school it was mentioned more than once, and I was really curious to see how it looked like in real life. I must say that I wasn’t disappointed at all. Sometimes architecture photography can create an “illusion” and distort the real scale of the construction.

Not only that but it’s one of the experiences I love most about travelling (second to making friends), seeing a place so many times only in pictures or videos vs. the feeling when you are actually are there and you have the freedom to observe all the details you want, to go around it, to check it from all the angles.

From this point of view, I admit that BNF was quite bigger than I remember seeing in the pictures, and I loved the geometry of the whole complex, the buildings, the façades, the pavement.

I knew that I had somewhere a perfect picture for a new Kaleidoscope.



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For the next Kaleidoscope, I left the Paris trip folder and went all the way to Sofia, Bulgaria.

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