#5 Kaleidoscope – La Défense


20th January 2014

After I visited The Louvre, and tried to catch as many good angles, I decided to finally grab a bite and go and see The La Dèfense.

During that trip I think it was the first or second time when I took the metro. Even though I love walking around when I am travelling more than anything else, I was having a hard time facing the cold, the fatigue. In my second day in Paris I walked around with Sagar (India) and Rodrigo (Peru), two new friends,  for more than 30 km, seeing most of the important places in Paris. The cherry on the top was that we climbed up to the half of Eiffel Tower…not with the elevator, but on the stairs.

Sorry for this small deviation. I decided to keep the Kaleidoscopes posts shorter than the other, as the resulting image and the visual details are more important than the  blah blah text.

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For the next Kaleidoscope I used a photo of a place nearby. Paris again, but it will be the BNF (Bibliothèque Nationale de France). It meant a lot of me from a photographic point of view.

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