#3 – OMV Petrom Bucharest International HM

17th May 2015

The OMV Petrom Bucharest International Half Marathon

This event marked one year since the moment when I decided that I want to try running long distances.


But first, back to 2014

Back in 2014, I went out for a photowalk. In my schedule, more exactly in the second part of the day, there was this Photo Competition that I entered, and in the first part of the day, I heard from my brother that there is a half marathon in the city center. I had no clue how long is a half marathon, but I had a basic idea of the length of a marathon, I found out that thousands of people will be there, so I decided to start my photowalk from there. My brother was running in the event, one additional reason to go and check it out. Btw, the feature image of this post is from 2014.

Btw, that featured image of this post is from 2014. I had no good pictures from the 2015 edition.

“If he can do it, I know I can do it too!”

That was exactly my thought when I saw him running and passing the checkpoints.

So, from that day, I started running. I was running even before, but in short distances and without having a goal. Now I had one. And after consulting with my brother, I decided to join him in a half marathon in August later that year. (I already wrote about this one, here is the link)

In the meantime.

During one year, I ran 2 half marathons, trail and street, two marathons one in autumn with nice warm weather and one in the cold snowy winter, I had injured my right knee because of the bad shoes I started running with and some reckless training, and now after some months of recovery and proper exercises for my knee I felt good as new.

It took about three months to stay away from running, boring routines, and a lot of self-control (to avoid running), but it did the trick.

After I started training again, I went on a trip to India for 1.5 months, but I kept on training even there, early in the mornings at 5-6 AM before the whole city woke up or in the evenings at the gym, since the traffic and pollution would ruin any attempt at running at later hours.

Now back to our topic

Instead of taking pictures, now I joined my brother in the same half marathon. The track was the same as for the Raiffeisen International Marathon, but instead of making 2 x 21km laps, we did 1.

I took my time, did a proper warm-up, I managed to keep my calm during the first 2-3km and didn’t rushed from the start zone, I avoided slaloming as much, I enjoyed every bit of the track, and I ended the race with a nice 01:47:6.7.


At the finish line, I started taking some selfies, which since that moment it became some sort of a personal ritual.

2015-05-17 10.28.26

Yup, I know. Hair and beard looked funny, but I didn’t have enough time after I returned from India and before the race to take care of it.

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