#4 Kaleidoscope – Traintracks


Shortly after I put my hands on the ultra-wide lens, in August 2013, I started looking at things in a totally different way, literally.

8-14mm short story

Through the camera’s viewfinder, with an 8-14mm lens (~13mm equivalent at 8mm due to the 1.6x crop factor of my 600d), the world looks much more interesting, even what initially would look boring.

After a while though you realise that in fact in order to get some good results, you need to add some meaning to your images as well, not only the forced perspective effect. In my case, I took a first test drive picture in my narrow messy room, which now looked much more spacious. Then I had to go out. Outside, I understood that if you have wide streets, and enough space between the buildings, and a clear sky, the results would be as boring as before, unless you come with a good creative way to use that lens for architecture photography, my main interest at that moment.

Portraits from up-close were funny, with some interesting distortions, but what the best result on the first day with the wide lens was at sunset. Some clouds showed up on the horizon and a whole bunch of them were fitted in the frame, and the sky was both orange, in the area closer to the sun, and on the top some fuzzy clouds were supported by a nice blue color.

Ultra-wide test drive pic

So happy with the new piece of gear, that I had it with me everywhere.

31st August 2013 – Chitila Photowalk

On one of the photowalks organized “Bucurestiul meu drag”, we went to Chitila, an area on the outskirts of Bucharest. We got there by train, and a good part of the photowalk was around this topic, the train tracks, and a rural area.

I had to do some deep digging in order to find the source picture of today’s Kaleidoscope, but totally worth it. Going through the whole album I found some other pictures that back then didn’t impress me as much because I was too biased by this one pic that back then made my day. Still one of my favorite shots with that lens.


My 31st Aug ’13 precious


It’s been more than two years since then, but even now I prefer shooting with the wide angle vertically. I feel that the image is much more dynamic than a horizontal (landscape) orientation.


For the Kaleidoscope I had to just multiply and rotate it three times, overlapped them in a concentrical way, played with some masks, added an additional paper texture with an overlay blending mode, put the white circle frame et voilà.

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For #5 Kaleidoscope, I went back to Paris. Not literally, but through the photoalbums in search of some inspiration, and I found it at La Défense.

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