Bits of Georgia and Armenia (Part III)

Day 2.

If in our first day we went into the Eastern part of the city, today we decided to go in the opposite direction, in the Western part, where the Railway Station is. According to the map, there were plenty of things to see here.  

Actually, if I take a look at the map right now, which I did, we kind of skipped a whole bunch of things. Plenty of things left to see next time I’ll be in Tbilisi.

Anyway, when we planned our day we wanted to go and check the following:

  • The Circus
  • The Heroes Square
  • The Technical University
  • The Sports Palace
  • The National Stadium

After these, we had in mind to take the night train to Yerevan, Armenia.

To be sure that we get the train ticket for a lower price, we had to start our day with this.

We took the metro up to the Railway Station, got our train ticket for 40-50 lari, and went looking for our first checkpoint, The Circus and Heroes Square area.

Across Tamar Bridge

Right at the other end of The Tamar Bridge, there is a big under construction office complex, which made my day. At least, from a photographic point of view, I was already had a very good feeling about the rest of the day. The sky was clear, which for photography is not a big advantage, but in February the sun doesn’t get too high on the sky, which means longer shadows, even at noon.

Yes. I was very optimistic about it. This trip will be full of awesome pictures. And this is one of them. For a construction site, I must admit that it’s very photogenic.


Yellow to blue WIP


Circus and Heroes Square area

We continued our tour, and we got close to The Circus. It wasn’t as impressive as the Heroes Square, so we kind of skipped it, after taking o couple of pictures on the stairs.


John on the Circus stairs


Right in the middle of a bunch of streets going in all possible directions, there it was. The Heroes Memorial. Still not accustomed to the way people cross the streets around here, it took me a while to get close because I couldn’t see any zebras around. John had to wait for me, as he was more comfortable with this.

In the lower part, the monument had a small door and we wanted to check the interior, but through the narrow gaps, John noticed that there were some people with sleeping bags. I was still happy enough with taking pictures only of its exterior. It fits nicely in my collection of vertical buildings and one day I will make a beautiful Kaleidoscope out of it.


The Heroes Memorial – ultra wide shot


We took a short break at The Glory of Eternal Fire Monument of a bench to check the map again and see where we should go next.

On our way to The Sports Palace, we stop at a nice Chinese restaurant for some noodles and then went passed the Technical University.

The light started to dim already and this area was quite crowded. Nothing looked very interesting so I didn’t take any pictures, until we passed by The Sports Palace, when I saw a nice composition with an equestrian statue and two tall apartment buildings.


Tbilisi National Stadium

Before heading back to the hostel the last item on our list was The National Stadium, so we took a left, crossed another bridge (Vakhushti Bagriatoni Bridge), and entered a more industrial looking area. After another right and then a left we got to a park and on its right the stadium.

We hoped to get a closer look, but on our lap around the stadium we couldn’t find any open doors, so again, I had only exterior pictures.


Tbilisi National Stadium


Tsereteli Metro Station

Done for the day. Now it was the time to head back to the hostel, eat something and go to the train station.

The closest metro station to the stadium is Tsereteli Metro Station, about 5 stations away from Rustaveli.


Escalator at Tsereteli Metro


1st waggon to Armenia

Back to the hostel, we met Anna, a Polish traveller, who has about to take the same train to Armenia. Waiting for the night train, two more travellers joined Robin from Armenia and Emma from Finland. Before getting at the station we had the idea to stop for a bottle of vodka and some snacks…maybe two bottles was an even better idea.



Until my next post on this topic see other updates at the links below:

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