What happens when you have amazing internet speed

On my way back home I had plenty of time to think about stuff. No headphones, no smartphone, no music to listen to, just me and a rainy morning, while passing red lights and avoidings small ponds on my way home.Just me, together with my thoughts.

Something out there, in the world wide web section, is bothering me somehow.

I will use some of the most recent events, and in the Romanian online world, I strongly feel that this was considered to be quite an important event. Perhaps many of you noticed Bernie Sanders’ condescending tweet about Romania.

I don’t argue about the tweet to be condescending. Being a Romanian for about 27 years, and being a part of the movement that somebody wrote about (the movement that started building local networks all over the place to get access to both better internet speed and get connected at the same time with thy neighbours, even though I wouldn’t give us the credit for the “amazing” nowadays viral internet speed only for that, but also to our country’s engineers…).

My surprise was in fact that this guy, Barnie or Bernie Sanders whatever, just found out NOW that Romania’s internet speed is this good.

I travelled around the world, I met so many people everywhere I went, and the internet speed in my home country was one of the things that I  emphasised most on, and it is a fact that most of us Romanians www. users knew it already since I don’t remember when.

At first, the tweet seemed to be funny. Sure, this guy in the US, whom I never heard about, because I don’t need to, said that we have better internet speed that the US. So what? Hellooooooo!!! Nothing new here. We knew that since high-school, before all the Romanians to start bragging about it on 9gag or other websites.

Now I get curious about this dude Bernie Sanders. I see that he is a candidate for the Democratic nomination for President of the United States. Really? Are you f***g serious? Sorry for the language, but are you f***g serious? Can you really be a candidate at anything, even more, a “democratic” anything, and write this tweet? It took me a while to find it but it sounds like this:


I mean, how far off can you be? I was about to write stupid, but as I learned from so many jobs and places, I try to understand that I should be politically correct, even now.

I would like to thank the author of the tweet, though. He spared some precious time from his campaign, to remember the US citizens that we, Romanians, exist, and we are actually doing quite well, with all the political chaos (which is here for a longer time than the good internet speed btw, any advice for this Mr. Sanders?) and whatever else is happening around here (I don’t know so much about local news, because I don’t have a TV, I don’t watch online news that much, and if the end of the world would come, I would be too busy doing the things that I love anyway).

I know Bernie Sanders won’t be reading this, but still…Personally, I excuse him. I know, his intentions were different than the way they sounded to be like. I know that maybe he just wanted to say that he wants to improve the US internet speed, but why….why did he picked us as a benchmark?

It’s not like I feel bad at all for this so-called event. The publicity is there. In an instant, a whole bunch of people remembered that in Romania the internet speed is awesome. Yes, awesome. Now I would really love to see how IT investors are rushing here to invest, but  the good internet speed is highly compensated from this point of view by the  system and the paperwork speed, so nothing to worry about Mr Sanders, Romania is no threat to the US for at least several decades. So you may want to leave our internet speed as it is.

I will end this post on a happy tone. At the end of the day, Bernie Sanders did us a huge favour. For this kind of publicity, we should’ve paid the guy a lot, who knows how much, I don’t know how you translate in money the bad publicity. I wonder if he relates at all to Romania and where are located on the map anyway. Damn. I am trying to end it on a funny tone but I am still affected by that “that’s unacceptable and must change” phrase from his tweet.

I wonder if he relates at all to Romania and where we are located on the map anyway. That would be even cooler. I am still  trying to end this post on a funny tone but I am still disappointed by that “that’s unacceptable and must change” phrase from his tweet.

So yes. It was funny to hear about it at first. It was sad to read it. It was even worse to see it going viral on the local pages. And it was way worse to see it when you realise that this is 2008 news or even later. We did get our worldwide publicity for free. Also, all the bloggers had  a story to write about. That includes me, and I sincerely thank you for this. It’s not an occasion someone would or should let slip away. A possible candidate for the President of The United States of America to say that your country’s internet speed is unacceptable and that something should be done about it? This is priceless, and this, from my point of view, should be already in the Romanian history books, and thank you, Bernie.  You were a good sport for all of us who are still laughing at this, and I thank you for that, even though with your way of sayings things I surely hope your plans won’t go that well.


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