#3 Kaleidoscope – Louvre Pyramid

#3 Kaleidoscope – Louvre

Towards the end of January 2014, I went on a trip to France. I was very determined to spend a lot of time taking pictures. After all, Paris is one of the most photogenic places. With the last statement I wouldn’t agree as much right now but, at that time, it was quite right.

Lots of history everywhere, nice architecture, big spaces, you had The Eiffel Tower, The Louvre, The Seine, Pompidou Center, La Defénse, The BNF, lot of architecture actually. If I’m not mistaken France has about 20 architecture schools. Since I was still studying architecture at that point (in Bucharest though), in my final years, and as a photography noob, I had no time to lose in Paris. Too many places to see, things to do, pictures to take, and not so much time.

If writing about my trip to Georgia and Armenia is taking me more than 1000 words/day, imagine what would mean to write about Paris. But if I would do that I would post it in the travel category, not in Kaleidoscope, so I will try to focus on the image, even though I kind of need to make a connection with the moment when I took it.

Long story short, it was the third day of my trip, spent about 8 hours/day walking all over the city, taking pictures, even if it was winter and cold, but fortunately enough there was no snow, and I forgot to eat anything since I left the hostel. Before heading towards La Defénse I was at the Louvre Museum, with my ultra-wide angle lens, Sigma 8-14mm, and through this lens, I was observing a very  different scenery. The excitement of this discovery totally replaced the physical need, to do something about the emptiness of my stomach.


This is the picture that I used for this Kaleidoscope. The Louvre Pyramid, designed by the architect I.M. Pei. I loved how the vertical lines were converging towards the top of the pyramid and how even if it’s an outside image you can still see the interior stairs and the reflection of the clouds.

I think this exercise here marked the moment when I decided that I could do an interesting project based on the pictures that I already had. Just browsing the folders with pictures I was able to find a whole bunch of almost symmetrical images, that were fitting this pattern.

In the next post, I am using some train tracks as source image for #4 Kaleidoscope. I am trying to keep a schedule to avoid going crazy with all the posting, training, and  the work on my photo-journal “45 Days of India” and my start-up, so the following Kaleidoscope post will be next Thursday.

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