Posting at the end of February

From WordPress to Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest, Tumblr, Instagram, StumbleUpon, combined with 2-3 more platforms only for visual content as 500px, Flickr, because I am trying to promote my photography, the process can be quite demanding, keep aside the fact that one shouldn’t just post content. For better results you should interact with other’s people content as well. Besides the good quality content, you also  need to keep in mind a good balance between giving & receiving/expecting.

After seeing how dead Twitter seems to be in Romania (it’s quite sad actually, I had no twitter account until recently, but even popular twitter accounts around here barely get any action, and most of the twitter accounts are used for reposting links from blogs and other websites), and after spending quite some time to figure out a “posting strategy”, while trying to juggle with different apps/platforms/social channels, I am still very far away from understanding all of these, what would be recommended posting system/process, whatever, and what would be redundancies in using some or the others.

Setting up the accounts/profiles, looking through each control panel, insert links, see what gets posted where, and how, trying to keep consistency, without starting all from scratch, was really something. Managing the curation of the already existing content that I wanted to post on the blog, and at the same time focusing on new content, mixing old & new posts, now when to build up an audience seems almost close to impossible, and you see that in the end you get like 10-20 visitors may feel discouraging. This is being said by somebody who started his Instagram account just 3 weeks ago, first created a tweet when the tweet was automatically posted through Instagram and I failed because no picture was shown in the tweet, with practically 0 presence on Tumblr…a real noob in social media who wonders how some people got so much attention to their content.

This link  has a very nice way to put it. My first reaction to it was to bookmark it, but then I read it again and decided to write about it.

After reading Matthew’s story and his graph in the article, I exhaled refreshed. I mean, for sure, I would like to taste the feeling of being viral and see the numbers go crazy about something I wrote, but now I also better understand the downside of that story.

I mean, sure, I would like to taste the feeling of being viral and see the numbers go crazy about something I wrote, (who doesn’t?) but now I also better understand the downside of that story.  I am more than happy now, with my 15 visitors a day, even if maybe half of them are just friends who saw my Fb share or some closer friends who I shared the link directly with.

At the end of the day, I am just a guy from Romania, who graduated architecture, changed a bunch of jobs so far, from an Italian talking call-center operator in 2009, to Junior Architect at a local office in , and who again quit his job recently after more than one year as a graphic designer, decided to take “the startup path”, which right now is shortly stuck at the “market analysis” step, and also working on a book/photo album, a side-project let’s say, which may or not be published, about India. In the meantime, the same guy tries to share to the “www” world just some of his experiences. Past, present or future experiences… either running stories, bits of places where I traveled, some attempts at doing art, either photography or my funny looking kaleidoscopes.

The start-up, and the book, even though they are just personal projects right now, I do know I have  “a deadline”, I need to start making a living out of something, eventually, so I feel a constant pressure to do something in order to get some results.

The blog part is just a way of marking some steps, or my way of going in and out of different boxes I have in my head. Even better, the blog is more of a reminder. A periodical reminder of why I’m doing all of these. Because these are the things I enjoy doing the most.

What I also start to enjoy doing is to create a blog post whenever I feel like I have an idea, and if something else distracts my attention I would leave it like that for a while. See if you come back you still think it should be posted.

“Perspective on Going Viral” had a really good vibe to it and a nice way to put me on a better track in my work. A warm “Thank you” to whoever compiled that post.

Just after I thought I finished the draft of this post I had an inner fight about the title. “Monolog about blogging”, “Blog thoughts”, “Noob at social media” …so on. Whenever I am running low on options I just put today’s date until I figure it out…

Let me know if you have a better suggestion for a title, either for the post or the section itself.

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