#2 Kaleidoscope

2_Parking 3

11th May 2014

After the first “exercise” (  here if you missed it), how I like to call it, I realized that, somehow, because of the taste for architecture and geometry, I had plenty of similar composed images that were having the same potential.

I know that architects, or my architecture teachers at least, nowadays are quite against symmetry in architecture. I don’t necessarily disagree with them but, whenever I am going for a photowalk, the wannabe photographer and the wannabe architect combine, so from time to time I get attracted by a strong geometrical and symmetrical building, like this parking building, somewhere in the Bucharest city center, behind the Unirii Shopping Center.


Even now, looking at this picture, I can remember a short movie about architecture competitions, where the workflow of Zaha Hadid, Jean Nouvel, Dominique Perrault, Norman Foster and Frank Gehry was briefly presented ( if you’re curious to see more on this Click here ). In the short trailer, there’s a short moment when somebody says that if in the section the building starts to look sexual, then it’s ok, it means that they are close.

I found this building in a random manner, just like the one I used for the first kaleidoscope image, during a photowalk, only this time it wasn’t a group photowalk, it was just me and a roommate from the dorm.

I liked the first result but, this time, I wanted a proper fit, a full circle, without any white spaces. When I cropped, rotated, and repeated this process for a while, I realized that there is too much empty space inside the circle :))).


I stared at this ring of identical symmetrical parking buildings (it would be funny for somebody to actually uses this as a long and useless hashtag)  for about two seconds and said: “Ok, I will multiply it again and again and see how many rings fit until it disappears”

“Ok, I will multiply it again and again and see how many rings fit until it disappears”.


For the next post, #3 Kaleidoscope, I used an image of the Louvre, an image I took in 20th Jan 2014.

Until then see more of the things I am working on at the following links:

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And thank you for dropping by 😉 

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