Sprint triathlon (training session)

Today I tried my first triathlon. No, there was no triathlon organized on a mid-Feb Thursday morning, but this Saturday it is, the WinterTriChallenge Izvorani .

I don’t know too much about triathlons and apparently the following event is not according to the standard distances, but it sounds like a good event for beginners, just like me, in the field.

So I woke up this morning around 7 AM, had some water, 2 bananas, and went to the gym/swimming pool. I’ve been training frequently lately, not only because of the triathlon, but also because there is a marathon in the following weekend, and today I was determined to try my new water goggles (I had to change the pair I had because my funny nose got some  funny bruises after I wear them once or twice).

The distances for this Saturday event are

  • 5.5 km running
  • 12 km bike
  • 500 m swimming

I guess that according to the numbers I have met on this topic this event is somehow between super-sprint and sprint triathlon.

Mostly I fear the swimming part. I did long distances by bike long time before (couple of years) I ever started even thinking about running and I use the bike to go almost anywhere in the city (as long as it’s not freakishly cold or winter) and running, well running is something that stuck with me for 2 years already, so I’m good here as well.

I started training for swimming 1-2 weeks ago, the freestyle technique (Youtube tutorial I watched) and  mostly I focused on the breathing part, because I did had a clue about how to swim, but I had no clue about how to swim efficiently.

Efficiently or not, I felt good with the 500m distance after the second training in the pool.

All was good so far, but I was curious to see what’s happening when you  combine all in a 3-in-1 session, the triathlon.

Training for marathons I learnt that you need to allow yourself enough time to recover before the main event, but in this case, with these distances, I felt that I can give it a try. Personally, I consider that, from a psychological point of view,  it’s good to test the effort you are going to face in a new type of event. Knowing for sure that I can finish it because you already did it before it’s comforting and can give you the confidence to push it further during the main event, even if you have less time for recovery and I felt that for this sprint marathon one day between the training and the event would suffice.

(I’m no sports guru, that’s for sure, but for difficult events you should really plan ahead, according to where you think you stand! I don’t want to imagine what how somebody would feel running the first marathon after he did +21km as training 2 days before)

The training was great and I felt excellent after I finished it. I followed the routine scheduled for Saturday, so I’ve started with the running part, 5k in 24 min. I hate the bikes in the gym, but I had no other option now, and I did 12k in 23 min, and I finished with the 500m swimming in 12-13 more minutes while the transition (swimming cap, goggles, shower, bla bla)  took me about 1 min.

Update: I waited a couple of hours to post this because I went to pick up the racing kit. Looking forward for the race.

2016-02-18 19.11.59_2

Until my next post about running check the rest of the things I’ve been doing at one of the following links:

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4 thoughts on “Sprint triathlon (training session)”

    1. Thank you 😀 I am really excited about it. Tomorrow it’s the event and I am really curious to see what the time difference will be. I started running 2 years ago and so far I ran a total of 15 official events (marathons+half marathons) while biking was mostly during high-school and in college to go from one place to the other instead of using the bus or subway. Good luck with your Sprint Tri, when is it?


      1. You have enough time to train if it’s in July :D. This first triathlon was a sprint, so the distances were not difficult but I tried to do it as fast as I could at the level where I find myself. I had some small problems in the transition, but I pulled of a total 1:13:22. 5.5 km trail running, 12 km bike and 500 m swimming. I wrote about it. Good luck with your training 😀

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