#1 Kaleidoscope


10th May 2014, I went to a photowalk organized by my favorite photo group in Bucharest, Bucurestiul Meu Drag (“My Dear Bucharest”).

The starting point was very familiar, in the central area, just next to Victoria Square, but shortly after the surroundings started looking less and less familiar as we went further within the urban fabric.

At one of the checkpoints, where we were waiting for everybody to catch up, I realized I was in front of this tall, symmetrical, housing unit, very similar to others in Bucharest or in other former socialists countries.

#1 Kaleidoscope – initial image


Esthetically I couldn’t say that the building triggered anything, but seeing the strong vertical line, emphasized by the ultra-wide lens I was using at that moment, I decided to click the pic.

A couple of days later, while I was probably procrastinating and avoiding as much as possible working on school projects,  I was looking for some decent enough pictures to post.

Again I stopped at this picture and wanted to do something to it, I liked the verticality, but hated the how the building didn’t fit the whole image and I don’t remember exactly why, but I took the part I liked most, cropped it, multiplied it and rotated it several times to see how many I would need to fill a whole 360.

Above you can see the result, and only after reading one of the comments on fb I actually noticed that it looked similar to the Red Hot Chilli Peppers logo!!! This actually made the whole thing look even better.


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