“Hack” for cheaper flights on Skyscanner

So I guess this will be my first post on this blog.

It took me a while to figure out either should I write in Romanian, in English, or in both. I guess I will figure it out along the way anyhow.

Just a couple of days ago I returned from an awesome 1 week trip from Georgia and Armenia and I think I found a nice trick on how to get to some places for a more reasonable price.

Just a heads-up guys, this worked for a destination that required changing flights.

Basically, this is what happened:

First I searched for my destination, this case Tbilisi, capital of Georgia, (to Armenia I got by the night train, different story there). All the flights I could find were starting from around 400 euros. The following image is a printscreen with the result of my second search, where I used each flight as searching criteria. (at the moment there was no low-cost straight flight from Bucharest to Tbilisi, and Istanbul was the best option I had).

Screenshot 2016-01-15 09.46.48

For this trip I wanted the budget to be as low as possible, so this result wasn’t pretty, thinking that I was looking for the flight  with more 2 weeks in advance and the distance it’s not that big anyway, so I tried looking for individual flights. Here is what I found:


Btw when I took the printscreens I haven’t considered that this will be a post in English, so the shown currency is Romanian Lei (RON), but still you can see how the numbers are adding up to less than half of the first search result and on the same dates and airline.

I went ahead with the individual flights and bought them, but even if the airline was the same they were booked through different agencies and I had to make two different payments, so I think that’s why Skyscanner couldn’t find them in my first search.

Soon I will post pictures from my travel, somewhere on this blog, but in the meantime you can see some other stuff I’ve been working on atTryingtodoart , 500px , Fb or Instagram

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